Our Services

As members of River East Transcona Teacher’s Association you are entitled to following services.

As members of RETTA you have a 3 full time staff at local level President, Vice President and Secretary to take care of any concerns or questions you might have, as well all the legal and other benefits provided to you by Manitoba Teachers Society (MTS).

If you have any concerns to questions contact the RETTA office @ 661-1823.

As members of RETTA have access to many RETTA sponsored wellness activities throughout the year, some include:

  • Volleyball Social – Fall
  • Trivia Night – Winter/Spring

Health Care
RETTA is part the of compulsory plan sponsored by MTS through Blue Cross, both for Extended Health and Dental Benefits. Visit the RETTA Library for forms and more info.

Short and Long Term Disability
As members of RETTA and MTS you have access to MTS Disability Benefits Plan

For more information – www.mbteach.org

Deferred Salary Leave Plan (DSLP)
As members of RETTA and MTS you have access to Deferred Salary Leave Plan

  • A tax deferred savings plan that provides the opportunity for paid leave from teaching.
  • Administered by local Division or District and by Investors Group/Great West Life…
  • Optional participation.
  • Integrated into the Collective Agreements of participating Divisions/Associations to ensure opportunities for both leave and a guaranteed return to work in a similar position.
  • Must apply to your Division/District by March 31 of each year.
  • Member may agree to defer up to 33 per cent of gross salary for up to 6 school years to allow for a paid or self-funded leave of up to one school year.
  • Member must return to teaching assignment for period equivalent to period of leave.
  • Not available in all associations

Workplace Health and Safety
As members you are represented through RETTA on RETSD workplace Heath and Safety Committee to advocate for the safety of our members.

Group Life Insurance
As members of RETTA and MTS have access to one of best Group Life Insurance; Manitoba Public School Employees Group Life Insurance Plan (MPSEGLIP) for more information click here http://www.mbschoolboards.ca/whatwedo/