Call for RETTA delegates for the 2024 meeting of Provincial Council (AGM)

All RETTA Members are invited to put their name forward to attend the Manitoba Teachers’ Society meeting of the Provincial Council.

What is the Provincial Council?
Provincial Council is the highest decision-making body of the Society, and it ultimately gives direction to the MTS.

What is the Provincial Council meeting?
The Provincial Council meeting is the annual meeting between representatives from all 38 Locals and EFM and the elected Provincial Executive. Items discussed and decisions made involve: resolutions put forward by members/Locals/Provincial Executive, new Provincial Executive members are elected, the budget is passed, a presentation from TRAF and other business of the Society is conducted.

When and where is the Provincial Council?
Provincial Council takes place at the Fairmont Winnipeg and occurs on May 22-25, 2024.

Who can attend?
All RETTA members are welcome to put their name forward to be a delegate. Last year, RETTA was allotted 27 delegates. If more Members have put their names forward to be delegates than spots are available, members are selected in this order (according to our policies):

  • current Members of the Executive;
  • Members of RETTA seeking election to the Provincial Executive;
  • a maximum of two (2) spots will be available to be filled at the discretion of the
  • President;
  • Contact Representatives;
  • Council Representatives;
  • all other Members

In the event that there are more names than spots available, at the February Council
meeting, the Vice President shall randomly select enough applicants to fill the
remaining spots and generate a list of Alternates. Only the level of applicants where
the delegate list has been exceeded shall be part of the random selection.

How do I sign up?
The deadline to put your name forward is January 31st. Please email Jeff at with the following information:
Non-divisional email address

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