Welcome Back

Welcome back, RETTA members.

I hope you had the opportunity to get some rest during the winter break and that you and those around you stayed healthy. Unfortunately, it looks like we are headed into more uncertainty and I wish I could offer some clarity. What I can tell you is some of what we’ve been doing in the background on your behalf.

Before the winter break, we began probing the division to supply better quality medical-grade masks for school staff, particularly the N95 masks. With the rapidly evolving situation, we were unable to get a clear response from them at the time, but we continue to push for the division to supply better medical-grade masks.

We are also advocating for anyone who can work from home during remote learning to be allowed to do so. We feel that this is the time, once again, for people to have the option to work from home while the students are learning remotely. Ultimately, that decision rests with the division, but we have made our position clear.

As you likely know, MTS advocated for a longer but temporary period of remote learning to ride out this latest wave of the virus. The government decided to go with one week. The decision whether or not that week will be extended rests with the province. To stay up to date on COVID-19 related positions of MTS, please check the MTS website regularly.

Please know that in River East Transcona, your Association continues to advocate on your behalf. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Incidentally, my email address has changed. It is no longer cdarazsi@retta.ca but now rettapres@mbteach.org

– Chris

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